Who is PJ North?


This is the story of PJ North singer, songwriter and part-time race car driver...

From a town outside of Columbus, Ohio there was a 10-year-old boy who loved two things: race cars and music. As time went on, you could either find PJ on the 1/8th-mile track racing cars or off the track writing, recording, and performing racing-themed hip-hop songs. However, growing up in a small town, there was always a little bit of country music in his blood. These diverse experiences have shaped PJ as an artist, singer, and songwriter. PJ’s unique style and blurring of the lines is evident in his first EP “Part-Time Cowboy,” released in 2016. He continues to push the envelope as he further develops his fresh style of music: the classic country narrative infused with the rhythmic and lyrical aspects of pop and hip-hop, set to the hum of a guitar.

Shortly after releasing his first EP, PJ moved to Nashville and began to collaborate with local emerging talent. He performed at songwriter rounds and open-mics across the city, which helped solidify his place in the Nashville music scene.  In 2017, PJ released his second EP “If This Is It...” which further showcased his unique style of country music. In 2018, PJ played several shows across the country and released the single “She Was”, demonstrating his maturing songwriting. Along with his band The South, PJ has performed at notable Nashville showcases Whiskey Jam and Bus Call.

While making moves in the county music scene, he still finds time to hop behind the wheel of a race car, traveling the country in pursuit of his two passions.  PJ recently released his newest single “Middle of a Heartbreak”, following the success of his recent single “B Sides” which was accompanied by first ever country music video!