It’s been a while since we last talked...

I know it seems like 6 months...well it technically has been 6 months since I last posted here but better late than never. A ton has happened since then so let me give you a quick overview...Set a date for the wedding, had Christmas, played a bunch of shows, got race cars torn apart and put back together, wrote a bunch of songs, played some more shows, met some new people, started the 2018 racing season, etc. I really just wanted to drop by and say hey. I am working on a new single called “She Was”. It should be out in the next month or so and we are really excited about the prospects of it. We have a few more shows booked to help promote it and other stuff going on so stay tuned. I’ll be in touch more often I promise. Until then here are some pictures from recent shows and life to get you through! 



I'm Coming Home...Again

I don't get back to Ohio often...but when I do it's either to celebrate a holiday, play a show, or race. That's exactly the plan of attack next week. I was blessed enough to get to introduced to Ryan Robinette through social media, with both of us being from Ohio we had a shared interest in Homage T-shirts. We ended up getting in touch and then we both moved to Nashville. I got a chance to get into a writing session with Ryan which spawned a friendship that has turned into him cutting three songs I wrote with Him, Davis Branch, and Jess Dondero. I owe Ryan a ton for introducing me to people in this town, helping me network, working with my writing style, and just being an all around good dude. This is one of those things, Ryan cut two songs that I wrote with him for his brand new album "Obsession" and that Album is coming out next week, November 10th. And to kick that off he decided to put on two concerts, one in Columbus (my hometown) on November 9th at Bar 145, and one in his hometown Cambridge at Downtown Arena the following night. He was gracious enough to ask my band and I to be apart of it and I cant turn down a good time. The South and I are ready to finally get out and play my brand new EP "If This Is It" for everyone LIVE! I am so pumped to be apart of it. So pumped in fact we put the rush on brand new merchandise to have at the shows and here at my online store. 2017 has been a wild ride and it isn't over just I hope you're still holding on. Check out the T-shirts available in my merchandise section or follow the links below and check out all my merch. Also go Pre-Order Ryan's new album "Obsession" now and get three instant tracks including one of the ones I co-wrote "Rounds Around This Town".