The PJ North Music Monday Feat. Childish Gambino

I was sitting at my fantasy baseball draft (don't judge me!) when I first began discussing Childish Gambino. That was two years ago. So I thought it was fitting that we just do "Music Monday" this week. When I was first listening to him I remember thinking "everyone is going to jump on his bandwagon, and I want to be driving that wagon!" If you listen to rap or hip-hop then you should know who Gambino is. If you don't then you aren't actually listening to music! But do not fear I am here to save you from shame and introduce Childish Gambino to those who might not be aware of his greatness. 

I love this record. I simply love it. This is off of his first record 'Camp', which is an all around great record, please go and check it out if you haven't. 

I think the main thing I forgot to mention was the fact that making music isn't his first hint of success, he is also on the acclaimed TV show 'Community', which is a top 10 favorite show of mine. Childish Gambino is doing things I hope to do, which is why maybe I gravitate to his music.

I will leave you with this line ... "I'm going straight to your thighs like the cake you ate..." Does it get better than that? I think not. So go and stream/download/buy/do whatever you can to support Childish Gambino and jump on the bandwagon, there's plenty of room!     

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