PJ North "The Stock Eliminator"

When you say "Be Double 0 Take Double 0" I hope that it means something to you. 

I have been racing since I was ten years old. I remember racing on weekends while other kids went to summer camp. I asked for new Simpson helmets for christmas other kids asked for toys. Racing is not really a team sport at the bracket racing level, sometimes I think that's why I took to the sport. I always wanted to do everything for myself and not depend on anyone. I remember when I got my first professional built Jr. Dragster, I was twelve, and my dad let me skip school to go pick it up in Indiana. I won my first points championship that year. I remember my first night in the 66' Chevelle, I got to my first big car final just hours after I got my license. I've driven Dragsters, Camaro's, Firebirds, Mustangs, and anything else anyone will let me wheel. 

Out of all the car's I have driven my favorite has to be my baby...The 1988 L Stock Automatic Oldsmobile Cutlass. Powered by the 307 Olds motor this car isn't blazing fast, but it is a dream to drive. It has all original interior all the way down to the plush CLOTH seats! This is my stock eliminator, my baby, my wing man if you will. And this year it will feature new decals thanks to PCD Wraps and Graphics that I wanted everyone to see!!

Now you can see why #Bedouble0takedouble0 means so much to me...

PS. Don't forget to check out the Eat.Sleep.Whomp.Repeat EP on iTunes!!

cutlass letters.jpg
ESWR Cover Art.jpg