The PJ North's New Music Monday Feat. Sam Hunt

I listen to a lot of country music. I know what you are thinking "PJ North loves country music?" And the answer to that conundrum is yes he does! I grew up listening to country music. I learned to sing with country music. I started writing country music when I was younger and couldn't remember all the words to songs, so I started making my own up. Needless to say, Country is my first music love. Why is this important you ask? I'd like to think that I know the difference between bad country, good country, and great country. Today I bring you the next great country star, Sam Hunt. If you listen to country at all chances are you have heard one of the songs he has written. He has deep lyrics, catchy hooks, and a great vocal range. He wrote what is sure to be the hit of the spring currently being spun on the radio right now "We Are Tonight" performed by Billy Currington. If that one hasn't caught your ear then "Cop Car" performed by Keith Urban might be more your style. Hunt has definitely had great success so far just off his writing, I can only imagine what will come of his solo career!

Sam Hunt, the wildly talented singer/songwriter, came to me on a random youtube video when I checked out his single, party anthem "Raised On It" (go buy on iTunes now!!!!). Once I heard that song I knew I had to check out more of his stuff. I was instantly gratified when I was able to download his acoustic mix-tape "Between the Pines". This album has something for everyone. I posted what has turned out to be probably my favorite song on the mix-tape "Goodbye" It is undeniably infectious and you will sing along eventually I promise you that. Below I have posted some links to his music, go check it out and support the cause! The mix-tape is still free to download, so go to his site and get it now! Great artists deserve to be heard and I can't wait to hear more from Sam Hunt.