The PJ North New Music Monday Featuring Echosmith

Do a quick wikipedia search on Echosmith. You get a generic description on the band "Echosmith is an American indie-pop band formed in February 2009 in Southern California." This does not do the band justice! They are so much more than that. 

I found this band thanks to my eclectic listening habits on Spotify, Echosmith was a recommended band. Naturally I had to listen. The first song that played was "Cool Kids" a great, upbeat head bobbing, sing-a-long. My first impression was a mix of Company of Thieves and Paramore, which I know is broad but it's such a true statement. The singer, which I found out from wikipedia is Sydney, has got a super voice to go with their sound. Check out the video below!

If you like to continue to grow your music this is a band that you should definitely check out. It has a cool vibe to it. Another great upbeat hit from the bands debut album, "Talking Dreams", is "Come Together". This hit has all the makings of being my new favorite song of the week. It's catchy, it has an awesome sound, and not to mention the lead singer has got it going on. 

Alternative music is a broad range of music and I think that is why I love it so much, because no one is ever quite the same like in other genres. Echosmith is a great example of that. They definitely have influences in their music but they aren't quite like any other group that I have heard, which I dig! So go check them out and support.