3685 Official Track Listing!!!

I know that you all have been waiting with great anticipation for my new EP 3685. So I am very excited to bring to you the official Track Listing!! The single "Spray...Slide...Get Behind" is the follow up hit to "#BeDouble0TakeDouble0". This song though is for everyone not just my racing family! I even put a clean version out for the kids. "Jon Dough" is a very different song, it's upbeat, it's catchy, and most of all it BANGS! Lastly my crown jewel is "Make This Look Easy" which is one of my favorite songs that I have ever written. If it doesn't get you excited and make you want to dance we can't be friends! 

The best part of this exclusive track listing is the promotional deal that I am throwing in!!! 

- If you buy the official PJ North T-Shirt on the merchandise page before April 1st, you will get a free download for "Spray...Slide...Get Behind" before the general public! You will be the envied by all I promise you that. So go get your shirt and your free download now!!!! - 

3685 will be available April 1st in most digital music stores! Get ready to get down...