The PJ North - New Music Monday feat Mike Mains & The Branches

I am a firm believer in word of mouth. I am also a firm believer in the thought that good music deserves to be heard! I recently came across this great site,, where you can find unsigned artists who are relatable to the music you already listen to and love. I signed up and put my music there so that I could give people my music in the best way possible. I also signed up so I could find music that gives me that feeling that I am always searching for... I will be posting new songs, albums, artists that give me that feeling every monday right here on North Wayview...I hope you find music you love as much as I love it...without further ado...

Mike Mains & The Branches are an exceptional blend of creative producing and great instrumentation. Throw in the catchy lyrics and hooks and you are on to something. I recently downloaded their EP "Everything" (download link below) and I knew immediately had to share this with the world. The first song I checked out was the single, "Everything's gonna be alright". Effectively using the lo-fi production of vocals giving it that old school sound, lead singer who I presume is Mike Mains, croons 'Everything's gonna be alright' and I was instantly hooked. I had to get up and dance along. I put this record on repeat as soon as I could. 

The EP features a total of three songs in addition to "Everything's gonna be alright". The song "Noises" starts off like a 90's punk song and just continues to shred the whole way through. A great contrast to the single. The last of the three songs is "In The Night" which has a very 'Killers-esque' feel which is pretty well placed if you ask me. The band states on NoiseTrade that they are 'kinda like' The Killers, Modest Mouse, and Third Eye Blind, all company I would agree with.

I hope everyone check's out this EP, It's a fun nine plus minute ride into rocking with Mike Mains & The Branches! Support your local unsigned band, donate if you have it and share if you can!