The North Way is heading to the 'Fling!!

I have been drag racing since I was ten years old. It's one of the constants in my life since that time. I was not very good when I first started, in fact I never won a round until I was Twelve years old. A lot changed after I won my first race. That's a rush I chase every time I go to the race track. That euphoria you feel when you hit the tree and get around a guy and give him that little 'whom whomp'. That feeling that you get going into the final at 4 A.M. against the top racer in the bracket racing world. Those feelings are what we live for as bracket racers. When I made #BeDouble0TakeDouble0 and "Spray...Slide...Get Behind" I wanted to share that feeling. So I came up with two songs to share with the racing world. I must have done a decent job because two great guys have taken a chance on me and invited me to bring my only other constant in my life to the biggest bracket race in the country, The K&N Spring Fling! 

This is the best bracket race in the country, HANDS DOWN! I have been before and never had so much fun losing. I am thankful to say this year I will be performing at the Racers Appreciation BBQ along with DJ'ing and announcing throughout. Not only that, but they are allowing me to shoot my video for "Spray...Slide...Get Behind" throughout the whole weekend as well! It does not get any better. I can't wait to hang out and drag race with the best of them! 

Before I go I just want to say thanks one more time to all those who have made this possible for me. The people who bought the EPs, who have shared the music, who have made videos, and who have told people about me. I thank all of you. I also want to say a huge shout out to Peter Biondo, Kyle Seipel, Brian Whitworth, TJ Coughlin, and all the people who put this whole thing together with me! This is a wild ride and it's just starting...come along for the ride. I won't let you down. 

P.s. I am bringing a surprise to all the racers at the fling...Stay tuned for more!!!