The PJ North Invading SpeedScene Live!!

I am a very interesting interview to say the very least. My current boss told me I talked so fast that he wasn't even sure I was a human. At work I am known as Mount PJ...because you never know when I will explode and just go off on a tangent. I like to think I have pretty good control of my emotions but let's be realistic and agree that I do not. I am a passionate person, as my song says, I'm always on kill I don't have another mode. My first interview for the dispatch was a blur. I remember the guy asking me questions and I was just going a mile a minute, a great experience but also very humbling. I am telling you all this for a reason though, the reason is I have been asked by a great show, Speed Scene Live, to talk live on their show May 6th!! 

This show is an amazing collection of people talking about all types of racing! It's a great media outlet for racers of all types. I am very elated and privileged to be a part of this show May 6th at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. I will be on the show discussing my music, my racing, and my up coming show at the Spring Fling in Bristol. 

Please make sure you check this out. If anything you will at least get to hear me out of my element and probably talking so fast I will make your head spin. Or I will embarrass myself...who knows! So join us May 6th at 9PM on