The PJ North New Music Monday Feat. OCD: Moosh and Twist

This week's "New Music Monday" is something I am very excited to present. I was on spottily listening to new artists and browsing on the discover page when I came across this new song featuring Hoodie Allen. Naturally I had to check it out, it just happened to be OCD: Moosh and Twist. So after I jammed out to "All That I Know" (shown below) I had to check out more of the music of theirs. 

These two, simply put, are dope. They have catchy hooks and crazy references. They are definitely a group to look out for. A nice mix of selectively cool beats and hyper active rapping come together to make these guys flow. It's a nice change up to other Philly based artists that I hear. 

The reason this is so cool for me is not only the fact that I just came across these guys, but the fact that I will be blessing the stage with them when they come to Columbus May 4th at the basement. After seeing a few of their videos I can definitely tell you this show will be nuts. Check these guys out they are on the come up and they got a cosign from Hoodie Allen, which means something to us backpack rap fans!