The PJ North Spring Fling Blog! - Day 1

This all started way back in July of 13'. I had done some pretty big local shows and I had opened for some impressive acts. The summer had started to heat up. I was sitting with Craig Marshall at the Divisional in Columbus and we were talking about my music career and he says to me "You need to make a song about racing. Something about that Brian Whitworth kids Be.00Take.00 idea." I said you know what that's not a half bad idea. I started to write the song but I was unsure of the sound so I let it sit for awhile. The rest of the summer came and went I did some more shows but nothing spectacular came from them at the time. I needed to do something that was going to set me apart. My stage presence and live show were always the things that had set me apart but if I couldn't get people there or people to hear my music how would they ever see that. I decided I should go back to the racing song idea, so on a non-typical saturday night I sat at home and wrote #BeDouble0TakeDouble0. I knew once I started writing that I had to get into the studio to record this. 

I recorded #BeDouble0TakeDouble0 at Sonic Lounge in Grove City, Ohio, with my long time engineer BJ Davis! I posted a link to the preview of the song and that's when I got hooked up with the Brian Whitworth and BW Promotions. This kid is a genius! We came up with a marketing plan and I already had ideas for the album cover, the rest is history. I released Eat.Sleep.Whomp.Repeat on December 16th! 

When I wrote the song, I never thought it would take off like it has. I just did what I knew, write music thats catchy and that people can enjoy. I cannot believe that it has come to where we are now.

Fast forward a few weeks I decided it was time I did another song it was about to be racing season and we needed another hit! "Spray...Slide...Get Behind" was the brain child of myself talking crap one day at a slot car race. That song is the reason I am writing today...from beautiful sunny Bristol, Tennessee. 

I worked over TJ Coughlin quite a bit to get him to name drop me with Peter and Kyle. I am grateful to have my TJ and the Jegs team supporting the music (I heard Uncle John is a huge fan!) I also have had countless number of people trying to name drop me and that means the world to me, and I guess I made a fan out of Peter and Kyle. 

For someone who doesn't even know me to go online, national radio, and live stream and say such positive things about me speaks volumes to the type of guys that Peter and Kyle are. I cannot thank them enough for having me here at the Spring Fling in Bristol, Tennessee. 

So now we are here, Wednesday May 14th, 2014 at the K&N Spring Fling 5 Day. I will tell you this, I worked till 12:30 last night to finish the car, I got here and missed time trials, and I made first round only to blow a water neck cap and leak water everywhere. None of that matters because here you Race It. and Experience it. This is the place to be my friends. Saturday night I will be performing live, I am shooting a music video all week, and they even let me announce! So stay tuned live at and for all the updates!!!

We start early tomorrow so now its time to Eat.Sleep.Whomp.Repeat...And that doesn't work I will spray, slide, and then try to get behind...