The PJ North Spring Fling Blog - Day 2

Well today was a far as racing goes...but when you come to the 'Fling the party never stops! Thanks to quick thinking by Peter and Kyle we took the 'Fling to Belmont Lanes in Bristol Tennessee. This is why thursday is now going down in the books as FTI Spring Fling Bowl-a-thon! What a great trip...200 plus racers hanging out and getting there bowl on. This had to be the only place other than a race track where you can get all these people together and have agree on a good time. Let me list some of the great highlights of the day:

- 5 dollar Spaghetti dinner

- Jed sang the national anthem (amazing singer btw!)

- 2 Seater Doug showed up at the party!

- Jeremy Jenson told me he was a big fan (I fan-girled!!)

- Scott Albrecht went out and won someone a 2015 free entry to the 'Fling

All in all I would never wish rain on a race but I wouldn't have changed this for anything. This is where the Drunk Bench Racing happens! This is why you Race It. Experience It. Bring it to the Fling!!!