The PJ North Spring Fling Blog - Day 3

It has been a wild day to say the least...

It started early, 6:30 to be exact! I have a great routine; wake up, check my snaps, texts and instagram, shower, and go! Today was no different. Me and the world famous Derrick Beach showed up at the track early so I could finish what I needed on the race car and make sure that I was in the first five pair of cars so that I could get a second time run. Sure enough I was first car in the 7:30! First car down the track, I miss the tree (.050 to be clear), ran a solid 7.82 on the first run on the new 555 Slip-Tech Mike Fouts Power Plant built motor. Second run was shortly after that...thats where things get a bit hairy!

As you can see in the picture that is a rod cap, not a good thing to have in my hand for a picture. It's also not good when Jared states that the rod cap is "Wallerd", and no that isn't a word in the other 49 states besides Alabama. Now let me explain exactly, or what I think is exact, what happened. 

As I am waiting for my second time run a poor guy runs down the track and blows his motor up. We sit for about an hour as the best track crew in the country clean it up, faster than any track crew in the country. I like to BS during these downtimes, so BS I did. But when the track was prepared I was ready and back at it, 7 pairs behind the guy who blew up. 7 pairs later I roll into the water box being lead by none other than Not Too Shabby Productions very own Shabs. I do a nice burnout, smoke rolls off, and I start to get ready for my hit. I bump it in ever so slightly, grab the button, hammer the throttle, let go of the button and away we go. After another Stellar bulb (.034 dissapointing), I hit high gear at about 6500 RPM, at about 690 feet I lose everything! Motor pieces hit the windshield, smoke fills the cockpit, and I try to grab the break to slow down, which was a horrible idea! The car started to wiggle towards the wall I decided it probably would be best if I don't try to stop right at that second, I steer the car back and being I drive a boat that wasn't a good idea either. So I let the car ride it out much to my chagrin ( I hate to oil down just 7 pairs after the last guy and leave a mess) but I was able to come to a stop and the safety guys got their quick to check on me. I was ok and I did not wreck the car so I couldn't be happier about that. The motor did not share the same fait as I, the motor is a loss, I will sell it for scrap! I was able to get a tow back by my good friends at the Jegs camp (big shout out to you guys!) I was then able to get a huge push from everyone to get the car on the trailer so I could lock it down. That is the end to my racing weekend. 

With the car blown up I can focus on getting the music video shot, we have a great start and have gotten really good footage I am so excited for this! I can't wait to share with everyone!

As if that wasn't bad enough rain has delayed us a few times here but the track guys are trying like hell to get us back up and running. I love the dedication here!

I will be back tomorrow for the biggest day for PJ North! I will be performing tomorrow night at the biggest racer party in the country, wish me luck all! It's going down!!!!!! Spring Fling Style...Race It. Experience It.