The PJ North Spring Fling Blog - Final Words

It's 10:45 in Columbus Ohio. I have returned back to reality. As I sit here writing my wrap up about the Spring Fling, the only word that comes to mind is surreal! 

When I first got in touch with Peter and Kyle I don't think I predicted to be this taken back by the feelings I have. When I last wrote I had blown up a motor. One good thing about that though is it allowed me to focus on getting some great footage for the video I am working on for my single "Spray...Slide...Get Behind". Everyone at the 'Fling was gracious enough to be apart of the video whenever I asked, that means a lot to me, that shows support I don't think I have had before. I was able to get such a large collection of footage I can't wait to see the finished product by my videographer Doug Puckett out of Abingdon, Tennessee. 

Saturday was a great day of getting more footage but more importantly they had a huge 40K to   win race which was taken home by Tom Cable, he upset my close and dear friend TJ Coughlin by .001, it doesn't get much closer than that! They had the Steve Schmidt Door Car Shoot Out which was won by a Cars Protection Plus ride wheeled by Todd Senseney ( I might have butchered that spelling haha). An unreal day of great racing had to be followed up by none other than world champ Anthony Bertozzi's cooking. So much good food, they were slinging pasta like it was going out of style! My time had to come once the dinner winded down.

This is the biggest group of people I have performed for to date I would say. I had a captive audience and they all wanted to see what I had to bring to the table. I have always said that my stage presence and live show separate me from every other musician/singer/songwriters. I have worked at creating a live show that people enjoy to watch and when I finish they are genuinely in awe. I would like to think that last night I did just that. I was jumping on tables, getting in the faces of people that had no clue I even was, and of course swooned the ladies that least expected it. I brought everything I had and I laid it on the line just like the song says. 

When I came to a close with my set everyone was very supportive. I received a lot of kind words and to everyone that came up to me thank you so much! All I have every stuck with in life has been drag racing and music, and I couldn't think of a better place to be than at the K&N Spring Fling 5 day to share that with everyone who supports both! 

After I finished performing it wouldn't have been a Spring Fling party without Big Jed doing some karaoke along with others! Lou Greco even kicked it off with Country Girl by Luke Bryan and he tore the house down! Shout out to Lou for helping me with sound when I was struggling trying to get it figured out, it's good to have friends in this business! 

I continued to DJ and we had more karaoke and the party continued late into the night. When I finally shut it down at 1, it was that surreal feeling that came over me. That feeling that I had accomplished something and that the K&N Spring Fling might never be the same after. This was an amazing experience for me not only as a performer and racer but as a fan, watching this whole thing come together was amazing. 

As I was saying goodbye to everyone today I received maybe the best compliment, Kyle Seipel tells me I am now apart of the "Fling Family". That means a lot to me and I am happy to be a part of the best family in the bracket racing business!

I want to take the time here to say thanks to Peter and Kyle, the whole Spring Fling Family, and all those good people that were at the Spring Fling. This couldn't all happen without everyone committing to the Race It. Experience It. Mantra. This literally is the greatest drag racing event on the planet hands down, bar none! I say that not only because they allowed me to bring my talents and share them, but because they do for racers what is needed. Giving the best race track, the best race program, and the best environment overall possible. I am still in shock that I was an invited guest to this event. I am just a young kid (as Chris Forsyth called me) trying to make it, and without opportunities like this I don't think I would have a good chance to make it. I met more good people that I hope to call friends this weekend than I ever have before and that truly shows the sportsmanship and family environment that bracket racing has. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone! 

I hope to see all of you guys in the future very soon! The music video will be out as soon as we can get it done to my liking. So be on the lookout for more from myself check for all the updates!