Where In The World Is PJ North?!?

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It has been over a month since I last posted. That makes me sad but fear not I have been busy in the best possible way! Let me tell you about all that's been going on...

The end of may was just the beginning of my adventures! After The Spring Fling in Bristol I attempted to race locally but to no avail. It's been a tough season racing so far but that did not derail me. I hit the IHRA race in London Kentucky to end may. I had a little issue getting there with my truck dying on the side of the road at 3am but once I got to the track I got to race my newly renovated S/GTB 88' Olds Cutlass, which now pulls the wheels and gets me excited every time I start it up! I did not do great down there but I had a blast getting back to being competitive and that showed a good sign of things to come.

Up the following weekend was a show that I could not have been more excited to perform in. I joined Feedback and Isis Yasmeen in December and it has been such a crazy fun experience being in a cover band with all these talented people. It has opened doors and allowed me to do some amazing shows. This very weekend in June we had the opportunity to rock out at Splash Pool Bar in Put-In-Bay Ohio! Needless to say we killed it!

This show was just the start of the crazy amount of shows I had coming up!

The following week Feedback, Isis, and myself had two shows. One in Gahanna at FM bar where the patrons were 'Turnt' Up and ready to party with us for 3 straight hours!! That sunday we then took the party back to Put-In-Bay and Roundhouse Bar! 

I think I forgot to mention the fact that I got to bless the stage with my favorite band Liberty Deep Down on a surprise show in Indianapolis at the Irving Theatre! What an incredible time that was. 

The following weekend may have been the craziest trip I have ever taken for my music career. I got to take it with my partner in crime in this hiphop/pop/top 40 game, Jacey Jasnoch! 

We decided earlier this year that we wanted to play some shows in the general vicinity as to where I would be racing. So let's start with Detroit...which by the way isn't near where I was racing...But I give Jacey an A for effort haha...

We shut down The Phoenix Cafe on June 20th! They were in the midst of a really dope Fashion/Art/Music show and were gracious enough to have us come through and set it off with them. 

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The party did not stop in Detroit though...That's right we took the North Way to Canada baby!!!

We took the S/GTB(with brand new rocker arms since testing did not go well wednesday) to the IHRA Nitro Jam at famed Grand Bend Raceway. 

I am just going to say it was not money well spent. I did horrible. The car was there but I left a lot to be desired. I will reenact revenge on Canada just you wait haha...

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After Canada I went right back to working...Only this time it was on my third music project. One I have wanted to complete since I was a four year old in a leather vest, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. The James North Trio is in full swing my friends. I have completed two songs for the EP and we are making it happen. I cannot wait to share my country music EP with all of you..

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Needless to say I have been working and grinding!! Me and Jacey are going to release a single called Ridin' very soon! Not too mention as I stated The James North Trio is in full swing and we look to be playing shows very soon as well as releasing original music! This is the summer of The North Way! Look for me at a track near you, a concert near you, or just near you haha...Thank you all for the continued support and I can't to continue to share my experiences and adventures with you all. Stay in touch my friends...

Yours truly,

PJ(James) North