The Dog Days Of Summer

It has been another crazy month for me. I love traveling, I love Drag Racing, I love making music, and most of all I love living life. I have done again so much in the past month that I thought I should probably update all those waiting to know the shenanigans I got into. So without further ado...

The month started off with a great trip the show me state! With my main man Jacey Jasnoch riding shotgun we had the big wheels rolling to the STL. The NHRA Division 3 race was at Gateway Motorsports Park so what better way to spend your weekend, Perform in St. Louis and Drag race at Gateway Motorsports Park. So we did...

Worst spot in the country!!!!!

Worst spot in the country!!!!!

I lost 2nd round like an idiot...Giving it back when I had no need to after I tattooed the guy on the tree but nonetheless on to the next one! The venue was awesome, very hipster, super chic, and great drinks! We also had the pleasure of meeting two fantastic, whats the word for it, well lets just say two fantastic Keepers of the Good Vibes. We got to have an intelligent conversation about life, work, play, and spirituality. A good change of pace to some of the every day conversations you have. Keep on keeping on Keepers of the Good Vibes!

The following weekend served as a great setting for a project that both me and Jacey Jasnoch are so excited to share with you. We shot the music video for our upcoming single "Ridin' (G-Body Shuffle)". I have to send a huge shoutout to my man Brian Horton who came through clutch with the Olds Cutlass to make sure we had a second to match mine!

photo 2-9.JPG

I also got to spend the day wifing up the beautiful Anna Albus!!!!

Big shoutout also goes to my boy Tyler Engel who did all the shooting. Me and Jacey cannot wait to share all of it with you all!! Previews will be out soon make sure to check out my for all the updates!

The month was just heating up for me. I had the extreme pleasure to again to get travel and open for my boys, Liberty Deep Down! This time in The Land!

Cleveland is the Reason!

Cleveland is the Reason!

The show went off without a hitch. A great crowd and a great venue! Big time love...

The concert ended but my night was just getting started. I had to drive the "Tour Bus" back for LDD to give them some time to talk shop, plus I'm also a much better driver than LDD's dad haha...Once I got home I had to then finish loading my race trailer and I was off to Bowling Green, KY for the second NHRA Division 3 race of the month. That's dedication!

Again I had a great time at the Divisional, got to see all my friends and even made some new fans! I lost 3rd round to a bad red light but there's always the next race right?!?

It's been another busy month for me, but I have gotten to experience such great things this year and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! I will be posting more new music soon as well as videos so as always follow me on all Social Media!!!! Thanks for your continued to support it means the world to me and I hope that with that support I will be able to keep this dream going and spread the word all over, at least thats the plan!

Yours Truly,

PJ North