It's about that time...

Spring is here, or so they tell me! Racing season is ready to be on full tilt soon. I am currently re doing the Chevelle with my pops getting it ready for a full season of Super Street and Big Money Bracket races. The Cutlass is just waiting to get the new Hughes Performance Transmission/Converter put in and get all the decals on, shout out to Chase Huffman at Accelerated Graphics! Not only is racing season quickly moving on us but so is my new slate of music! I am working on a brand new full length CD. I haven't titled it yet but the music I promise you is my best yet. I am on a creative trek working on things and I cannot wait to share it with you all. I know the big question is always when is my next racing song coming out...and it will be included in the new CD as well so I hope that makes you giddy. I have a lot of things working right now and I really am making the full push to doing this for a living. I cannot believe how far I have come in the last 15 months but we are just getting started. As I have stated before I hope you are all along for the ride it's going to be a crazy one. 

I stated earlier this year that 2015 is my year... Believe you me that I am working damn hard to make sure I don't fail on that promise... Stay Tuned!

- PJ North

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