Party of One .... Or 20,000

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What has been a 2 year wait for me has turned into something magical. When I released my first CD as PJ North  in 2012 it was more like a mixtape. There was so much good music but it had no flow to it. I shot my music video for "LA to Paris" but I had no way to market myself back then. I was selling a lot of tickets to shows and putting on the best possible show I could but I was still just a local artist. The next year I came out with my single "#BeDouble0TakeDouble0" and everything changed. I spent the next year and a half promoting and traveling and selling as much as possible. Now fast forward to today, 6 songs on iTunes later, over 30,000 streams, 10 plus countries reached, and over 100,000 youtube views later, we have reached this moment. I have reached a point where I am comfortable releasing my new CD "Party of One". I have made some amazing music with the help of my producer Halen of Liberty Deep Down fame and I have put together a CD that really has meaning and flow to it. I truly believe this is my make or break moment and I know that with the support I have it will be a make moment! You can order the physical CD here on my site or you can wait till June 18th to order online at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your music from! If that isn't enough we are releasing my new Docu/Music Video this week as well to help promote all the good things that have come in my life since dropping my first racing single so be ready for that...I leave you with this. Nothing lasts forever, so lets raise our glasses to good music, good friends, good times, and great memories. I hope this music finds you in a good place, I poured my heart and sweat, dreams and failures, money and time, and everything else I have into this CD now it's time to show and prove...

- PJ

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