All Time Rapper, Some Times Race Car Driver, Part Time Cowboy??

I'm not giving up hip hop, I'm allowing space for all my music tastes... 

Country music has always been my first love. My first concert was Brooks and Dunn, in which I wore cowboy boots, a leather vest, and cowboy hat. My first song I can remember singing aloud was "One Way Ticket" by LeAnn Rhimes in my dads blue S-10. I have a huge collection of random country singer CDs. Hip Hop/pop came around and changed my view of music when I was younger but I never stopped loving county music. In highschool I wrote a few songs, in college I did a few more. Then I met a DJ who wanted to get into country music and I made a real push! Then I met my partner in crime Nick and now we are here. I've been working on demo songs for over 2 years now and we finally have a great set of songs to release. But it's not what you think. I am not giving up hip hop or pop music, rather I am combining all my musical tastes into one! I'm so glad artists like Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, and Sam Hunt all did what they wanted because it gives striving artists the path to break down boundaries. This EP here is exactly that for me. It has 5 country based songs and because I can I threw on my new #bracketrap song on there as well! So I hope everyone is ready for this ride...March cannot come soon enough


- PJ North