Sink or Swim...


My whole life has been a carefully calculated equation with a few variables thrown in to mix things up. I got good grades in highschool, graduated high school a year early, went to a university, got a degree, got a job, lost a job, got another job, so on and so forth. That is until this day. March 10th marks the spot. I am leaving all that I know and that is safe here in Ohio to really pursue what I have always known in my heart to be my true passion. When I started writing rap lyrics at age 12, I had already been a performer but I never knew that I would turn it into something more. I started playing shows at age 16, playing my original, and terrible songs to the public. Here we are 11 years later, hundreds of songs written, multiple CD's and demos released, and moving to Nashville to do what I know will make me happy! I have outgrown what I can accomplish in Columbus, also the music is just better in Nashville isn't it? I love writing pop music, I love writing hiphop music, and I love writing country music. I can do that all in Nashville! And that's exactly what I plan to do. So go check out my new CD "Part Time Cowboy" and if you hate country music that's ok, I haven't stopped rapping, I haven't even stopped rapping on this album! I'm making music that I want to make and that makes me truly happy, I hope I can continue to grow my fanbase at the same time then we would really be cooking with fire as they say. Or I will fail miserably, at least I am going out swinging instead of taking the safe route like I always have. Cheers to whatever happens next, the ride has only just begun! 

 - PJ North