Why I Always Look Up...

When I came out with my first official full length CD "Always Looking Up..." in 2012, I named it that for one very specific reason, I like to think of myself as a very positive person and that statement or title encapsulates my outlook. I always think positive and think the best things, I like to think it's what has kept me on the right track. 2016 was another year following that same way, always look up! I finally got the courage and the money and quit my job and moved my whole life to Nashville, Tennessee and I could not be happier I did. I got to race all over the country, got to travel even more, got to play shows at exclusive venues, got to write music with amazing people, won a dragster in a raffle, got to perform in New York, got to work with new sponsors, continued relationships with other sponsors, got to move into a brand new home with my beautiful better half Amanda, and so much more. 

I am a firm believer that there are no such things as true "lows", just a different kind of opportunity to learn and grow. My family lost our grandmother back in May of 2016, but we took this opportunity to celebrate the great life of an amazing woman in her beloved home town of Woodbine, Iowa. Most people dwell and linger on the lows and shortcomings and never look at the positives. I like to think I am the opposite and I always try to find the good in things, and 2017 shall be no different. After an amazing 2016 I'd say things are again looking up, wouldn't you?

I have a ton of great upcoming things in 2017 but I wanted to share some of the 2016 highlights. Hope you had a great year and I look forward to everything coming in the new year.