2017 Team Racepak - The PJ North Contest

I get asked all the time "how can I be apart of Team Racepak?" My answer is simple, be different! I became apart of Team Racepak back in 2015 because I was doing something different and making music about racing. It was fresh, it was new, it was exciting, and most of all it was marketable (Cam's words not mine haha). The past two years people have asked and I tell them that story and say apply and differiantiate yourself, winning your local track race every weekend isn't going to get it done in this day and age. So this year I was given the opportunity to help 3 lucky drivers advance to final judging at Team Racepak to be apart of our team. Below is the video, check it out and follow the instructions, as well as get a sneak peek at my new #BracketRap song "Glory" !  


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