Those who stay will be champions...


This will be my 18th year drag racing. That's a long time. That's a lot of experience. That's a lot of memories. A lot of things have changed in that time; I graduated from juniors into a 80 corvette I raced in sportsmen, then into a 66 Chevelle I raced in super pro, graduated high school, started racing a dragster, graduated college, got into stock eliminator, released a song that helped my music career leaps and bounds, moved away from Ohio, and now here we are. One thing that never changed is my love for this sport. This sport that consumes my time, my money, my passion, did I mention my money? It's something that introduced me to so many new things and I'm forever indebted to my drag racing life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

2017 is a crucial year for me. It's crucial because both cars will be out there in full effect and I need wins! I have raced multiple cars before and had success. Last year I was struggling to keep both cars together but I somehow was able to obtain a new car. A brand new Race Tech dragster, just like I used to have. I don't need another race car, but I also don't need both kidneys but I have those too! This car is special to me it's being built from the ground up. I haven't done that since I was kid with my dad in the garage building my Spitzer junior dragster. This car has so much of me in it it's scary! But I wanted to take a moment before I make my first pass in it and just thank everyone who helps me and my racing program, they are the real reason I've been able to race for 18 years. 

My mom and dad, sister and brother - Thank you mom and dad for everything you've ever done to make sure I can race and have everything I need or wanted. This dragster and my Cutlass are no different. I hope we put one on the dance floor at a national so you can see the hard work pay off!  Thanks to my brother for always allowing me to chase the dream and my sister for always supporting it!

Amanda - Without you I'd still be in Ohio struggling to find my place! Here's to you crew chief'ing us to a big year! 

Ronnie and Tam Tam - Without you guys this car and my stuff wouldn't exist. I'd have no dragster and my Stocker would still be slow. I'm forever in debt to you both for all you've done and do for me.  

Cameron Ferre & Team Racepak - We've been together 3 years now and this is looking like our best year yet fellas! Time to put her on the dance floor!

Marc Wesler & VP Racing Fuels -  Back for another year and I'm thankful to have the best racing fuel in the Business on my side once again!

Maggart's Auto & Hoosier Racing Tire - What else can I say except "Champs Wear Hoosiers!"

Peter Biondo &a Biondo Racing Products - Peter you've had such a great impact on my racing music and my race cars you always take such good care of me I hope this car will make ya proud out there in queens! 

Justen Moser & Moser Engineering - My dad has been a moser dealer for 20 years and I couldn't imagine building a car without the moser name! I'm thankful you guys do what you do for not only me but the sport as well! 

TJ Coughlin & Jegs - I couldn't choose a better family to know and TJ has always had my back and supported my cause and I'm thankful for all you do for the sport! "Black and Yellow like I was born to be a Coughlin!"

Chase Huffman & Accelerated Graphics - Chase always knows exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to decals and vinyl and anything else I need. Glad to call him and his family friends and I look forward to always repping Accelerated Graphics! 

And to everyone else who has ever helped me or supported my dream I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This 2017 seas campaign is a year of firsts I can feel it! 

If you haven't had a chance to check out my 2017 anthem "Glory" you can do that now just below this article! DO IT! 

Make sure you check out my sponsors and their websites (below or on my racing page) and reach out to me if you have questions. I only support the companies that I truly believe in just ask me! and visit my racing page here to see my 2017 racing schedule!