The NashVegas Playlist has arrived...EARLY

As a singer, songwriter, rapper, or whatever you want to call what I do musically, I am always looking for fresh ways to release music and get my music to the most people I can. I make music to give people the same feeling when they hear it, that I get when I hear music I love. So combining all that, I have been devising a cool new way to release DEMO/Acoustic versions of my new songs; and with that came 'The NashVegas Playlist. Every Monday, for the next few months, I will release a new acoustic video to accompany a brand new song available for download here on my site via YouTube (for the videos) and SoundCloud (for the song download). I am really excited to try out this new approach to help get my name and music out there. So without further ado here is the very first release off 'The NashVegas Playlist' called "This Ain't My Town". This song is an ode to my old hometown, Gahanna, Ohio, where I spent almost all of my life up until I moved to Nashville. I am a firm believer that this song captures all the area along with how I felt about the city until the day I moved. So shoutout to Gahanna and Go Lions! This song was written by Nick Olaya (Lead Guitarist for my band The South) and myself. I look forward to showing everyone all my new music and hopefully you will help me out by Sharing, Liking, Commenting, and doing whatever else you feel necessary to get it out to the people.