The NashVegas Playlist...Season 2?

This Playlist was an idea I had come up with to try and get my demo/acoustic songs out to a larger audience and test the waters. Me and Nick have learned so much from the past 6 weeks of releasing tunes, from what to do and definitely what not to do. I thought I would share the video me and Nick recorded for this next song but then we didn't have a good actual download song version so I threw caution to wind and uploaded our live version of "Favorite Bad Habit". This song was written by myself and Greg Archilla, whom you might know as the producer for major hits such as all of Matchbox 20 and Buckcherry, and he is an amazing guy to work with. I am blessed to call this song ours. Anyways this song has been requested by multiple people and so I wanted to save the best for last for this Playlist. So with that being said, we conclude season 1 of The NashVegas Playlist with "Favorite Bad Habit"! I hope you all enjoy this song along with all the others we released. We will take a few weeks off to record some new ones and new videos and be back better than ever. I hope you all are along for the ride.