Brooks & Dunn changed my life...twice!

I've told this story a million times in the past few years I feel like, but after Saturday night I felt the need to tell it again...when I was 5 or 6 years old I went to my first concert ever, it was Brooks &a Dunn headlining in Columbus. I wore jeans, a black leather vest, a black cowboy hat, and black boots to match. It was the middle of summer, so naturally I was told multiple times not as to wear this, but I never listened! Our close family friend/babysitter Linda knew I loved country music and Brooks & Dunn and she took me to the show. I remember it was at an amphitheater in Columbus, and I remember our seats just being outside the cover but thankfully it was blistering hot (said nobody ever). The couple in front of us I remember making out, a lot, which at that age was pretty wild stuff! I knew every word to every song even at that age so this was an exciting night. I want to say the opener was Joe Diffee but don't hold me to that. The one concrete, undeniable fact I remember about that night is that's the night I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to sing songs and perform in front of people. I know you've heard me tell this story so you're asking why is this important, let me tell you why it is.

Last night we celebrated Amanda's birthday in Vegas by going to see Brooks & Dunn with Reba at Ceaser's Palace. This was extra exciting to me because I haven't seen them live in over 20 years and we were celebrating a great night already. I wasn't planning on getting the emotional reaction I got when the show started. I felt like I was having an out of body experience, it's like I was 6 years old again wearing a cowboy hat and leather vest and singing along. That feeling I always talk about, that special feeling I want people to have when they hear my music, I was having that times 100! I even started to tear up, I was that into the moment. It was cathartic! It was at that moment when I realized why I started to do this NashVegas Playlist thing. I realized again why I can't give this dream up, it's too important to me. Music means to much to me. I hope that I can give at least one person the feeling that I had to those two nights, at least once. That's what I want with this Playlist. That's why Brooks & Dunn changed my life, twice! And that's why I thought the perfect song for this week on the NashVegas Playlist I wanted to release "Meant The World To Us". I actually wrote this song myself and when I wrote it I just wanted a way to say thanks to everyone who believes in my music, who support my dreams, and the people who have shaped me. I just feel like this is the song I needed to share this week. So with that being said above is the free song download, below is the accompanying video! If you dig what you hear make sure you share this for me! I hope you dig this song along with the others here on The NashVegas Playlist, follow me everywhere and keep up to date on the new releases each week! CHECK OUT THE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF THIS SONG BELOW!