If This Is It...Then It Is What It Is

Photo cred: Megan Strassweg

Photo cred: Megan Strassweg

I've spent the last 14 years or so writing lyrics and singing songs. I've spent the majority of my life performing music in some sort of fashion. I fell in love with music at such a young age I'd go as far as to say I was born to make music. I always thought I would hit it big. I've been telling people for years I was going to win a grammy in Country music, Pop music, and Hip hop. I've been telling people that I'm not good at much else other than making catchy ass songs that people may or may not ever hear. When I moved to Nashville last year my goal was to take the EP we had and the songs we had back-logged to a publishing company and get a publishing deal. The first meeting I had was with Warner-Chappell Records, a pretty big deal which I owe to my racing family for the opportunity. That meeting did not end with me getting a publishing deal but it did open my eyes to all the work that we had yet to complete to really be a threat in this business. So I went back to the drawing board and began hatching a plan of attack. Looking back I don't think this was the plan, but that's ok plans change. Why is this important you ask? It's important to understand why this EP is so much more than just an EP. It's the best music I've ever created. I created it with my partner in crime, my best friend Nick. My fiancé even got in on the creative side with her one liner that we put in "There's Always Vegas". I got to work with friends on the photo's, the videos, and the press releases. I put out different covers and got my friends, fans, and family involved in helping with the creative process. I spent more money on recording one song than I spent on the whole previous EP, well just because it's Nashville and the sound is just different here, and totally worth it. I got to work with top musicians in Nashville, like that is crazy just to type. This EP is a culmination of years of grinding and finding my voice. Five years ago I wouldn't have been able to write these songs, I didn't have it in me then. These songs are a reflection of my musical taste all rolled into one. This EP is a story. It starts with "If This Is It..." an ode to meeting the one that makes it different and you know in that moment you don't want it to end but you've come to terms with it if it is in fact the end. Followed by "2 AM In Nashville (Remix)" the late night text/call anthem to the one who has a significant other, even features the old me mixed with the new me. The story continues with "I Like The Way You Drink" where the tale takes a turn and the two get back together, potentially, over drinks of course. Everyone loves a feel good story and that's where "There's Always Vegas" comes in. The couple has now reunited and taking this thing to vegas in the middle of the night if need be. My favorite part of movies is where the do the flashbacks or give you the info during the credits about the future, that's what "All Nighters" is. It's the flashback song, which really made this EP so special. It's almost like it was fate that the songs we recorded worked out this way. I didn't even realize the connection until I was getting ready to post it to distribution, like an epiphany it just came out and I immediately texted Nick to see if he agreed. Now here we are, September 15th 2017. If this is it, I think I have finally come to terms with that. I have worked really hard to get to where I am and sometimes dreams don't come true but you'll never know if you don't go out and make the effort. If you would tell the 15 year old me that if you do this you may not ever make it to the top, I'd ignore you just like I ignored every person who ever doubted me along the way, because truth be told I've pretty much had the time of my life on this ride being PJ North and I wouldn't change a thing. So again if this is it, then so be it, but we if it is we are going out with a bang, so y'all ready?!?!?



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