She Was...


I met Michael Mechling through a friend of mine Frank, when we first met Michael thought I was some random dude just interjecting myself into his and Frank's conversation. I have grown to love Mechling and he has grown to tolerate me. Michael mentioned to me he wanted to produce a single for me, I was flattered because he's a successful audio engineer and has great taste in music. He set me up on a write with two dudes who he felt like could really make a hit with me. The write was with Foster Farrell and Jason Early. I came to find that both dudes are amazing and I owe them everything for how great this song turned out. After we work taped it I sent it to Michael that night he immediately responded with a text "That's the one". We started game planning for making this my next single. Fast forward to after my wedding, I got in the studio with Michael and Foster and a few musician friends of theirs. Jacob and Hunter absolutely knocked it out of the park. Then Foster hooked up Chris to do the background vocals and two weeks later we had a song. The first mix I heard I was absolutely blown away. I have probably listened to this song like 2 million times since I got the mix. I haven't stopped listening to it. I truly thought that if my EP "If This Is It" didn't do well that it would be the end of road but the EP lead me to some of my best friends here in Nashville, it's opened doors to new co-writes, and it opened the door to this new single. So without me rambling on any further check out my brand new single "She Was" available everywhere NOW!



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