There's Always Vegas...

I went to Vegas for the first time a long time ago with my parents to a NASCAR race. I got to walk up and down the strip but I couldn't go into the casinos. The lights at night were amazing. It was a sight to see. I got to go back years later with some of my closest friends at the time and that was a trip I'll never forget. I came home and had this idea for a song. At the time I had just started to put together my country music project. The song never panned out. I've gone back to vegas many times since then each time more fun than the last, especially this last trip. My better half (Amanda) and I went for her birthday this year. She had never been. We did all the touristy stuff you could possibly think of. She even got me to go to the grand canyon, and I hate site seeing. Nonetheless we had an amazing time and it was worth all the pictures we took to see her enjoy the trip, I'd take 10,000 more selfies if it meant she was happy. That's where this song comes in to play. When we got back I realized I had this song title "There's Always Vegas" from back when I started this country music project. I decided I should sit down and write this song. Now 4 months later, here we are. This song means so much to me. It came together so perfectly. I got to record it here in Nashville at CTM Studios. Charlotte Avenue Pictures put together an amazing studio band who just absolutely crushed it. Benny Quinn did the final mastering for this song, it's good to have racer friends who double as music professionals. It just feels like this is one of those crucial moments in my life. I learned so much in a year since moving here, it's been amazing and crucial to my career. I feel like this song is a culmination of years of work, years of grinding, years of hearing no's, years of learning, and it feels like it's finally either going to happen or understanding that this might be it. I've spent the last 14 years of my life making music. I'm never as happy doing anything as I am making music. It's all I've ever wanted to do. Since I was that little kid in a leather vest, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat singing along with Brooks and Dunn. I may never get on the radio, I may never have a gold record, I may never get to play to thousands of fans, but I know one thing...There's Always Vegas...

- PJ

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